Rabbi Meir & Rivkie Borenstein
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 291-0514
Chabad Center Of Orange County
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Wednesday, July 25 at 6 PM - 7 PM

Join for hot dinner, soup and salad with
Torah discussion with Rabbi Meir
Suggested Donation: $10 per person or
$18 Sponsor
held at the Chabad Jewish Center
12 North Church St. Goshen
10-11 AM
Join us at Chabad for
warm Sunday morning
services and Delicious
Kosher Brunch. A delight
for your summer day off.
Free. Donations
Sunday June 24th 10-11
Chabad Jewish Center
Goshen , NY 10924
July 31st 7:15 PM
Come enjoy a summer night
and say hi to Rivkie. It's Torah
and tea with chocolate drinks
Free. Chabad buys the
desserts. You buy the drink.
"Where is G-d when it hurts?"
July 9th 11:45 AM
Take your lunch break. Food for the body and soul.
Pain! Why does G-d give it to us? Where is he when we need him? Join
us for an inspiring Kabbalah class with Rabbi Meir Borenstein as he
addresses this question as old as time.
Delicious Hot lunch made by Rivkie. Salad, fruit, pastries and hot dish.
Suggested Donation: $5 Sponsor $12
Chabad Jewish Center  12 North Church St  Goshen NY 10924
community celebrating simchas (happy occasions) or suffering sorrows, (sad
occurrence) G-d forbid in their personal life. Each time we hear of a need in our
community, the Sunshine Club will organize a beautiful tray to be delivered by
myself or community members or shipped. The names of those participating in
This will no doubt add sunshine to the recipients and a sense of love and good
feeling accompanied with it. To participate in The Sunshine Club please send a
once yearly contribution of $25 made payable to Chabad 12 North Church St.
Goshen NY 10924. This can also be done via this link as Paypal
(abetterworld6565@gmail.com) or credit card on our website.
If you are able to be one of the woman volunteers who can deliver a tray during
the year please let me know via email, phone or in person.