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At the same time it can be done in someones memory or honor
which gives an uplift to that soul (alive or non living) and benefits
them as well.

Sponsor a Kiddush:
Sponsoring a kiddush is for all those people that join us, children
and adults after the services.

Reserve Today which kiddush you would like and in honor/memory
of whom it is. It is a beautiful charitable way to remember or honor
loved ones.


Rosh Hashanah night Septemer 30 $125- Taken Bromberg Family
Mornings September 30: $300 - Taken-  Michelle and Chuck N
or Oct 1:-$180 Taken Melvin C

Yom Kippur
Prefast dinner-$180 Gloria and Steven
Break the Fast: $360- Taken Ken & Sherri, Michelle and Chuck
Part sponsor: $180
Simchat Torah: $100 (2 sponsors needed)- One taken (Sofya S)

Sukkot Yizkor: $180 available

Simchat Torah: $180- available
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Make a donation today in honor of the
High Holidays
Please help us help others. Your donations are our only
source of support and are tax-deductible in the U.S.A.
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By mail: Chabad of Orange County
12 North Church St.
Goshen, NY 10924

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By papal:
Welcome to Chabad of Orange County.

At Chabad you already know, you will find a warm, welcoming and non judgmental environment in which you can discover the beauty
and relevance of our shared heritage through the many programs, services and help we give our community.
In order to help Chabad continue serving the community we have founded the Chai Club.
What is the Chai club?

The word CHAI, means Life. It's numerical value is 18. You belong part of this club of giving by signing up to donate $18 monthly to
Chabad. You become the life of the community’s long-term survival and growth.

Your Chai Club commitment of a monthly $18 will continue benefiting you, your family and our community forever. It will help sponsor
someone at a program who can't afford it, or be part of paying for the kiddush at Chabad weekly.

The Chai Club is comprised of a group of individuals, just like you, that believe in our cause.
I ask you to join our Chai Club to make your Chabad that much stronger!
Email today and let us know you can join the Chai Club. We will take your cc info and charge it monthly.
12 N. Church St.  Goshen, NY
(845) 291-0514
No one is turned away and our doors are open
wide. However Chabad only exists on the
generous donations. In honor of the high
holidays make sure to make a donation
Mail all checks to :       12 N. Church St. Goshen NY 10924
Checks should be made out to Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish Outreach Center

We Thank You!
finding different good deeds to 'pack in
our bag' before we stand before Hashem
on this special day.
That is why giving a donation/any form of
charity is so important and aprapros in the
days before Rosh Hashanah.
Here is an opportunity that will allow your
charity to go directly toward an action that
will benefit many people and allow the
spirit of the holiday to come forth in a
beautiful way.