Rabbi Meir & Rivkie Borenstein
12 N. Church St
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 291-0514
"Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and
essentially raises one man above another."
Chabad Center Of Orange County
"Where Every Jew is Family"
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Delve into the deep concepts of Kabbalah explained in the
book of Tanya.
Given by Rivkie Borenstein. Fascinating, deep, mind
boggling... sure to leave you thinking!
Next Class:  May 16 7:30 email us.
Light Refreshments
Free. Suggested Donation $5 sponsor $10
Monthly Torah Class:
Enjoy Humor, stories and deep Torah ideas with Rabbi Meir
Next Class: Thursday Feb 21st. 7:30 PM
Topic: Noise
The two great Torah commentaries of Rashi and
Nachmanides debate the arrangement of the bells and
pomegranates on the edge of the high priest’s robe. The
Lubavitcher Rebbe sees this as a discussion on the nature
of noise, imperfection and superficiality.
Light Refreshments
Free. Suggested Donation $5
Another wonderful course at chabad.
Four Thursday evenings
December 1,8,15,22
Open to all.
Great discussions.
Learn interesting basic info about our wonderful Torah and culture.
Ask the questions you have and we incorporate it into the class.
Given in combo by Rabbi and Rivkie. Refrehsments will be served.
This engaging class will give a better understanding of Jewish
practice and traditions.
The classes will be accessible to anyone with regardless of
knowledge about the Jewish faith and will answer questions about
Jewish practice you were always wondering about.
Suggested Donation of $6 a class or $20 for the course.
RSVP to reserve.