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$15 Kugel choices: Spinach noodle, sweet noodle, spicy
noodle, apple, broccoli
$15/$22 Potato Salad
9x13 Trays of Food:
$30 Meat Lasagna
$23 Baked Ziti
$23 Cheese Lasagna (with or without veggies)
$15 Container Coleslaw
$15 Container Corn Salad
$10 loaf  Gefilte Fish by roll (choice of plain or saucy)
$20 Potato or Mushroom Burekas (20 small)
$20 Sweet orzo
$18 Vegetable Orzo or  Mashed Potatoes with vegetables
$18 Rice with vegetables (choice of brown or white)
$25 Roasted Veggies
$18 Red spiced potatoes
$15 vegetable quiche
$25 Chicken: A tray is four bottom pieces of chicken cut
in half. Choices: sweet honey orange chicken, chicken
with wine and vegetables, sesame chicken, curry
$12 Matzah Ball Soup with Matzah Balls (by container)
$15 String beans with mushrooms (by container)
$35 Meatballs tray and rice tray
$20 Moroccan vegetables
$18 vegetable couscous
$15/$22 Healthy Couscous Salad (size container)
$7 dressings: Rivkie's delicious salads. Dressing ready
to go all you need to do is buy the vegetables and cut it
$30 Tray of salad with dressing on side
Ceaser Salad, Greek Salad, Sweet Red Cabbage Salad,
Sweet craisin Coleslaw, Lettuce Mushroom tomato
Salad, Sesame Pasta Salad,

$35 Deluxe Salad: Tray with salad & dressing on side:
Quinoa Lettuce Salad with roasted veggies, Sushi Salad

Desserts: please email for a list.          

Are you having guests over for Shabbat? Would you like to bring kosher food over
for someone sitting shiva? Holiday your home. Here is a chance for affordable
delicious cooking. All proceeds go to Chabad so this is a charity opportunity as well.
Place your orders by email chabadoc@aol.com with a list of 9x13 trays of your
choice below. Delivery an option.