Rabbi Meir & Rivkie
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 291-0514

$15 Kugel choices: Spinach noodle, sweet noodle,
spicy noodle, apple, brocolli
$15 Potatoe Salad
$25 Meat Lasagna
$20 Cheese Lasagna (with or without veggies)
$15 Container Coleslaw
$15 Container Corn Salad
$10 loaf  Gefilte Fish by roll (choice of plain or saucy)
$18 Potatoe or Mushroom Burekas (20 small)
$20 Sweet orzo
$18 Vegetable Orzo Mashed Potatoes with vegetables
$15 Rice with vegetables (choice of brown or white)
$15 Red spiced potatoes
$15 vegetable quiche
$25 Chicken: A tray is four bottom pieces of chicken
cut in half. Choices: sweet honey orange chicken,
chicken with wine and vegetables, sesame chicken,
curry chicken
$12 Matzah Ball Soup with Matzah Balls (by container)
$15 String beans with mushrooms (by container)
$18 Meatballs and rice
$18 Morracan vegetables
$15 vegetable couscous
$15 Healthy Couscous Salad
$5 dressings: Rivkie's delicious salads. Dressing
ready to go all you need to do is buy the vegetables
and cut it up. For list email.
Desserts: please email for a list.          
Chabad Center Of Orange County
"Where Every Jew is Famliy"
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Kosher Catering in Orange County:
Are you having guests over for Shabbat? Would you like to
bring kosher food over for someone sitting shiva? Holiday
your home. Here is a chance for affordable delicious cooking.
All proceeds go to Chabad so this is a charity opportunity as
Place your orders by email chabadoc@aol.com with a list of
9x13 trays of your choice below. Delivery an option.