We are proud to offer for  the eighth year, Gan Israel Day Camp–a Jewish camp. Gan Israel Day Camp offers
your child a rich and wonderful summer experience.
Gan Israel provides a non-judgmental environment which values diversity & acceptance. Our children  come from
a variety of Jewish backgrounds and experiences including children from public and private schools. In addition to
offering all the fun of a summer camp, Gan Israel is unique in that it will leave your child with a deep sense of pride
in his or her Jewish heritage. It's the place where your child will form lasting friendships, explore new interests, and
come home every day happy and singing a spirited camp tune guaranteed to make you smile.
Gan Israel is a modern camp with traditional ideas. Please consider this brochure as our invitation to give your
child the best summer day camp experience possible.
ust call us, and we’ll provide you with the name and number of a camp parent in your neighborhood.
They seem to explain it better than us!   

Gan Israel is part of the largest and fastest growing network of Jewish day camps in the world. Gan Israel enjoys a
well-earned reputation as a trend-setter with innovative ideas, creative programs and new activities.

Many a child has been known to wait all year to come back to Gan Israel! From Mini Gan Izzy to our oldest
campers will enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and vivacious atmosphere.

Our growing Mini Gan Izzy offers a wonderful opportunity for youngsters 3-4 to have their first experience in a real
summer camp. The children are guided in organized activity, play & social skills by loving, patient and caring staff
who serve all year-round as pre- school teachers. Our kiddies are growing fast, this is the place to be!   

Our picturesque camp site, contain beautiful facilities,well suited to a full program of sports, games, crafts,
dramatics and other enriching camp activities. Our experienced staffers work to develop skills, confidence and a
sense of fair play within each child.

This website will provide you with all necessary information regarding camp. However if you have any concerns,
questions or suggestions, please feel free to call.


Rabbi Meir & Rivkie Borenstein
The Camp Directors

More About Our Camp                                

"No one puts more care into the care of your child.”                                                                                    

Gan Israel is much more than a physical break from the                                                                                        school routine and winter activities. It’s
a comprehensive                                                                                program designed to strengthen the body and soul.
It                                                                                          provides your child with a rich and wholesome
summer                                                                                         vacation of fun and excitement along
with                                                                                                                   friendship and meaningful educational

Mission Statement                                                                                                                                                 

Camp Gan Israel is a summer camp dedicated to enriching the lives of children from diverse Jewish backgrounds
and affiliations through a stimulating camping experience.  Our certification from the Orange County Health
Department, assures you that our focus on child safety and program quality is unparalleled.  CGI of Orange
County is part of the largest and fastest growing network of day camps, enjoying a reputation as a pioneer in
Jewish camping, with innovative ideas and creative activities, to both provide enjoyment and inspire children to try
new and exciting things!

Staff                                                                                                                                                                    Child
development is the most significant ingredient in a healthy camp experience. This is why our staff is the real secret to our
success. Our experienced counselors are known for their personal warmth and ability to care for each child as an
individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising them friendship which will last forever! Their love for
the children is surpassed only by the children’s love for them.

Gan Israel campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their Jewish heritage and a love for the land of
Israel. Weekly Judaic themes are taught through exciting activities, stories, songs, games and contests, which are
part of the unique Gan Israel experience. Combined with group discussions and educational programs, these
events bring to life the beauty and values of our tradition.  

Activities & Special Events                                                                                                                                     
Our weekly program is enhanced with music, karate, woodcraft, food decoration, cooking, Sports, drama, ballet,,
dress-up days,  bunk competition, Challah baking, and .. oh... so much more. Under the direction of our
experienced staff, campers will have the opportunity to design and take home some wonderful Judaica projects.

Trips On The Go                                                                                                                                                   
Gan Israel’s “Trip Days”,  are geared to the children’s interests, are scheduled on Monday and Wednesdays
each  week and feature excursions to local attractions and fun places.
Camp Facilities                                                                                                                                                          
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Camp Gan Israel • 12 N. Church St. • Goshen, NY 10924
A branch of the world's largest Jewish Camping network, Camp Gan Israel International
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Our campsite, located at the Goshen Public School,  is uniquely suited for a great camp
experience. The spacious indoor and outdoor facilities will enable us to provide campers
with summer fun, whatever the weather outside. Our fabulous pool, at the Arden Hill facility
will be enjoyed by all of our campers.  Playing fields, and courtyard all add to the Camp Gan
Israel summer experience.